Moondance Alexander

Moondance Alexander

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1 Conversation 1

Dear Sara,

Thanks for being so special.



2 Conversation 2

- So my mom took away my iPod.

- No way.

- Can you believe it? For a whole month. I don't know how I'm gonna live without it.

- Rachel!

- But you still have your Blackberry, right?

- Yeah.

3 Conversation 3

Do you think you could sign my yearbook?

Bạn viết lưu bút cho mình nhé.


Don't have a pen. Sorry.

Xin lỗi, không có bút.

4 Conversation 4

I can't believe she just asked me that.

5 Conversation 5

Aubry? Could you sign my yearbook?

Oh, I'll have to get back to you on that.


6 Conversation 6

Uh, Sara, could you please just give me a mercy signing?


7 Conversation 7

- Who are you? - Moondance Alexander.

- What grade are you in?

- Ninth. I'm just really short. Thank you. Well, have a good summer. See you later.

8 Conversation 8

- Thanks, Fiona.

- Have a super summer. Next!

9 Conversation 9

Hey, girls. Chào, các cô gái!

Hey... Chào...

10 Conversation 10

Megan, my gum is stale.

And... I'm supposed to do what?

11 Conversation 11

Megan, my gum is stale.

And... I'm supposed to do what?

Duh! Kleenex

Don't have one, Fiona.

Don't look at me.

12 Conversation 12

Hey, Moonwalk.

- Hi. Well, it-it's Moondance, actually.


13 Conversation 13

Fiona: Do you want me to sign your yearbook?

Moondance: Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great

14 Conversation 14

Bella: - Cute shirt, Moondance

Rachel: - Oh, totally.

Moondance: - Thanks.

Bella: - Is it vintage?

Moondance: Um, I don't think so. Why?

Bella: I had one just like it... when I was 12.

15 Conversation 15

Fiona: There you go.

Moondance: Thanks.

16 Conversation 16

Fiona: Hey, Josh! Did you sign Moondance's yearbook?

Josh: No, not yet.

17 Conversation 17

Josh: Oh, that's foul!

18 Conversation 18

Moondance: Hi, Daddy. School's out today and I made a complete idiot of myself again.

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